Prayers for the 200 Anniversary of Dominican Women in the US

In honor of the 200th Anniversary of the Dominican Women in the US, the Congregational Celebration Committee of the Dominican Sisters of Peace has prepared six prayer services for the Anniversary year. Each service includes prayers, readings, and songs, with links to YouTube performances if needed. These can be used by individuals, small or large groups.

All the services will be in both PDF format (not alterable) and in Word format (for modifying should one wish to add, subtract or substitute) and will be located on the Anniversary Webpage. The PDF formatting fits standard letter size (8 1/2” x 11”) paper with no seams or folds needed when printed.

The first prayer service has the theme of Non-violence. You can download the PDF version of the Non-Violence Service here, and download the editable Word document here.

The themes of the next five services will be: St. Mary Magdalen, Patroness of the Order(July); St. Dominic (August); Advent/Christmas (Nov/Dec); World Day of Peace, Mary, Mother of God (January) and Ash Wednesday/Lent (Feb/March). You can find these prayers in the Information Hub of this website.

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Sister Annie Killian Makes First Vows of Profession

Sunday, July 3 was a day of bright sun, happy smiles, and celebration, as the Dominican Sisters of Peace at the Columbus, OH, Motherhouse witnessed the Vows of Temporary Profession for Sr. Annie Killian, 33, a Tennessee native currently serving as a Public Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Notre Dame.

Sr. Annie’s journey to religious life began with a personal search for a deeper relationship with God while studying for her PhD in English at Yale University. The eldest of four in a Catholic family, Sr. Annie served as a student leader in campus ministry at Saint Thomas More Catholic Chapel at Yale. As she began to discern her call to religious life, she was introduced to the Vocations Director of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, who lived right down the street. The Congregation had just opened an intergenerational, multicultural “House of Welcome” for women in formation, and in Sr. Annie’s words, “These were the women with whom I wanted to throw in my lot!”

While studying at Yale, Sr. Annie also taught a writing course at a women’s correctional facility through the Wesleyan Center for Prison Education, which awakened a passion to connect her academic studies of the humanities to the earthly causes of social justice.

Sr. Annie served as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Ohio Dominican University for a year before entering the Collaborative Dominican Novitiate in Chicago in 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. While at the Novitiate, she served at Kolbe House Jail Ministry, designing and teaching a correspondence course on “Life After Loss” for persons incarcerated at the Cook County Jail, and helping clients leaving the facility to effectively reenter society.
After completing the first year of her novitiate, she accepted a position at the University of Notre Dame, where the Dominican Sisters of Peace have a local community.

“Annie’s passion for preaching Christ’s Gospel of peace is purely Dominican,” says Sr. Pat Twohill, Prioress of the Dominican Sisters of Peace. “She is an articulate and loving voice for the causes of justice in our church and in our world.”

“It’s been a blessing to walk with Annie through her formation journey,” said Sr. Pat Dual, Director of Formation. “She told us that she came to the Dominican Sisters of Peace to share our joy – but she has brought much joy to our community as well.”

Sr. Annie will continue her ministry at Notre Dame’s Medieval Institute, where she works to engage the public through arts and literature.

The Dominican Sisters of Peace currently have 10 women in formation to vowed religious life.

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Dominican Sisters of Peace Share 200 Years of History in “Building Peace” Podcast

As the Dominican Sisters of Peace celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Dominican Women Religious in the United States, the Congregation will release a new podcast: “Building Peace: 200 Years of Catholic Dominican Nuns in the United States,” on Saturday, June 25, 2022.

The podcast shares the 200-year history of the founding congregations of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, beginning with the Kentucky Dominicans, the first congregation of Dominican Sisters, founded in Springfield, Kentucky in 1822. Subsequent episodes will examine the histories of the other Congregations that constitute the present-day Dominican Sisters of Peace, including the Dominican Sisters of St. Mary of the Springs; the Congregation of St. Mary; Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine de’ Ricci; the Dominican Sisters of Great Bend, Kansas; the Eucharistic Missionaries of St. Dominic; the Sisters of St. Dominic of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the Congregation of St. Rose of Lima.

Each Congregation will be featured in a single episode. Other episodes will look at the Congregation’s work in education, social justice, missionary work, and more. The podcast has been written and recorded by members of the congregation and offers a unique look into religious life and the women who have dedicated their lives to service to the Church and her people.

“The story of Dominican Women Religious in the US is literally the story of America,” said Sr. Barbara Kane, OP, who has spearheaded the effort to create this podcast series. “From our earliest days of teaching children on the frontier to our work today in education, medicine, ecology, and social justice, our Congregation has helped build this country, and we believe that we will also be a positive force in our nation’s future.”

The first episode of “Building Peace: 200 Years of Catholic Dominican Nuns in the United States,” will be available Saturday, June 25. It can be found on the Congregation’s website at, at the website celebrating the 200th anniversary of Dominican Women Religious,, and other podcast services.

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Dominican Sisters of Peace Celebrate in the Cradle of Dominican Life in the USA

The Sisters and Associates in St. Catharine planned and performed a beautiful event to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the founding of the St. Catharine Motherhouse. Speakers including Sr. Pat Twohill, Father Kevin McGrath, OP, of St. Rose Parish, and Archbishop Shelton Fabre were joined by alumni of our schools and St. Catharine College. Attendees were also treated to performances by the Central Kentucky Community Theatre, the St. Dominic Hand Bell Choir, and the Mid-Kentucky Chorus. Click here to view a video presentation of the event. Click here for coverage from the Louisville Record.

Members of the Central Kentucky Community Theatre perform a dramatization of the founding of the Dominican Sisters of St. Catharine, Ky.
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Dominican Sisters of Peace Launch Year-Long 200th Anniversary Celebration at Third General Chapter

As part of the Dominican Sisters of Peace Third General Chapter, held April 19-25 in Columbus, OH, the Congregation presented a national webcast to launch a 12-month celebration of the 200th anniversary on April 19, 2022.

The ceremony opened with a congratulatory video message from the Master of the Dominican Order, Father Gerard Timoner, III, OP, and the reading of an inspiring letter from Sr. Margaret Mayce, OP, International Coordinator of the Dominican Sisters International.

In a beautiful and symbolic ceremony, a procession of former members of the St. Catharine Leadership Team carried the 200th-anniversary banner to the podium as nine senior members of the Congregation, representing the original nine Dominican Sisters, carried jonquils to the podium. The streamer bearer following represented the growth of Dominican foundations across the nation. The jonquils, symbolic of the beauty of spirit and resiliency of our fore-mothers, were passed to nine of the newest Dominican Sisters of Peace, representing the current Dominican congregations in the United States.

The celebration of the 200th-anniversary launch closed with the Assembly joyously singing the 200th-anniversary song, Garden of Peace.

To view a recording of this event, please click here.

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200 Years of Dominican Women Religious in the United States

In 2022, Dominicans in the United States and around the globe, celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the first foundation of Dominican religious women in this country.  The Dominican Sisters of St. Catharine began in Washington County, Kentucky, in 1822. 

Informally known as the Kentucky Dominicans, this congregation is now part of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, who continue to maintain ministries on the site of the original convent opened in 1822.

In the 200 years since the foundation of this first congregation, Dominican women have spread across the United States, preaching the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ in the service of the needs of the times. Some congregations evolved from the original group in Kentucky, while others sprang up in other parts of the United States. Dominican women from Germany and Ireland migrated to the United States, spreading the Dominican message of Christ’s peace and love roots across this country. Today there are 42 Congregations of Dominican Women religious, made up of nearly 3,300 Nuns and Sisters, across the United States.

The theme of the 200th Anniversary celebration is “Pioneering Women of the Past, Innovators Shaping the Future.” (Link to poster) The theme is a nod to their beginnings on the frontier of a new nation, and to the two centuries of innovative ministry in education, healthcare, housing, spirituality, ecology, the arts, and social justice that continue today.

The theme song for the celebration, The Garden of Peace, was composed for the occasion by Teresa Tedder, a musician who lives in the Springfield, KY area. (link to music)

Over the 12-month period from April 2022 to April 2023, Dominican Congregations across the United States will be celebrating with local and national events to celebrate Dominican Life and Mission past, present and future. (Link to events)


In February 1822, Father Samuel Wilson, OP issued a call to the frontier women at Saint Rose Parish near Springfield, KY,  to partner with the Friars in furthering the Dominican mission.  On April 7, Easter Sunday, 1822, Angela Sansbury, Margaret Carrico, Magdalen McMahon and Columba Tarleton formalized their commitment, making first profession of their religious vows as Dominican women. 

They moved into a one-room log cabin convent, and a year later, opened their first school in an abandoned still house on property inherited by two of the Sisters. The Sisters looked to add some beauty to these simple accommodations, and planted jonquil bulbs around the buildings and school. Each year, their cheerful blooms were a sign of spring at the frontier convent.

Within seven years, the Dominican Sisters began their march across the nation, founding daughter congregations in Columbus, OH, Memphis, TN and beyond. Back home in Kentucky, the Sisters built a new, updated convent and an attached academy for young women, and celebrated their diamond jubilee in these beautiful facilities. 

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