Celebrating the 200th Anniversary
of Dominican Women in the United States

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Building Peace: 200 Years of Dominican Catholic Nuns in the United States

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Pioneering Women of the Past, Innovators Shaping the Future

In February 1822, the first women in the United States became part of the world-wide Dominican mission. In the 200 years since, Dominican Women the United States have faithfully ministered to God’s people by preaching the truth, proclaiming the joy of the Gospel, and following the example of our founder Saint Dominic.

Please join us as we celebrate all that has been accomplished in the past, all that Dominicans are called to in the present, and all that God desires for us into the future.

Click here to view a video of our special anniversary service on May 1, 2022.

Ways To Join Us In Our Celebration


As we commemorate 200 years of service, we will highlight cardinal moments in our rich history, the personalities that continue to inspire us each day and refreshing perspectives as we move forward in our journey.


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We warmly invite you to take part in a number of upcoming events throughout the year with the Dominican Sisters of Peace. Together, we will commemorate the past and motivate a more peace-filled tomorrow.


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We believe in harnessing the power of voice and tapping into modern technologies to create a more just and equitable world. Subscribe to our podcast for routine inspiration and to stay in-the-know with the Sisters!


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We have compiled a resource library to help fully encapsulate what these past 200 years have meant to us and to hopefully allow you to immerse yourself in our jubilation. In our virtual Information Hub, you will find introspective music, hopeful imagery, pensive proclamations, and even some faith-inspired Jeopardy slides!